Isle of Wight Festival 2015!

Hey everyone!

It’s day three of Isle of Wight festival 2015 and it has been absolutely amazing so far! I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who has come to watch me sing over the past two days. I’ve played three times so far and I’m playing four more times. I’m playing twice today:

Saturday 13th, 3:00-3:40pm – The Intoxicated Tea Rooms (Jazzy Heath and The Go)
Saturday 13th, 4:20-4:40pm – Platform One Stage (Ruby Tuesdays)

I’m so excited about the next two days even though it’s busier than ever. Come down and take a listen. I’m also selling physical copies of my EP at all of my performances so come and say hello to me after my set. See you then!

zebra lounge


p1 stage 1

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